All the tools and templates you need to launchĀ or scaleĀ a profitable consulting business!

Created by the CEOĀ of Grants Works Consulting

For People Who Want To Turn Their Experience Into Freedom

Are You An Experienced Executive, Manager, or Professional Ready to Build Your Own Consulting Business?

Do you have years of experience in your career but you want to start fresh with a business that has limitless income possibilities?

Did you know that a consulting business will give you the work/life balance you need?

Are you are missing the know-how and tools you need to get started?

I want to help by giving you the tools you need to get started!
Imagine what it would be like...

To have everything you need to create a profitable consulting business

  • Attract your dream clients with a better understanding of the industry and your role as a consultant
  • Understand the tech behind organizing and managing your business
  • Know how to professionally communicate with potential and existing clients
  • Feel confident when sending contracts to clients and vendors.

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Can you relate to this?...

As a knowledgeable professional in your own consulting business

  • You're ready to finally say goodbye to your demanding 9-5 job

  • You're frustrated with all the work that goes into choosing the right tools to manage your business

  • You're stuck when it comes to taking your experience and turning it into a successful consulting business

You Are In The Right Place...

If you are serious about turning your potential into a revenue-producing consulting business then I created this just for you. 


TheĀ Ultimate Consultants and Freelancers Starter Kit


Everything you need to get started in one package!

Use the Exact Same Tools I Used to Grow My Multi-Six-Figure Consulting Business.

Here is a look at what's inside...
Learn what it takes to become an independent consultant using the experience you already have.
Gain access to over 30 business tools to organize your own consulting business and support your clients.
Get customizable email, legal, and proposal templates to help you communicate professionally and protect your business.

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Start building your business with confidence

And finally, start living life on your own terms 

Build your consulting business with confidence and clarity with a clear guide on what steps to take and tools to use to get started right away.

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I'm here to guide you on the path to launching and accelerating your consulting business.

I have spent years working in corporate, growing my experience and skills. However, in 2020, I decided it was time to remove the middleman so I launched Grants Works, a grant consulting company. In just two years, I grew this to a multi-six-figure consulting company with a growing roster of national and global clients.

This was inspired by the desire to have a work-life balance to devote more time to my three children and was the result of a confidence boost I received by taking a life-changing course.

It’s been an empowering move and I want you to experience the same. Ready Set Go Consult provides you with the tools and systems I created to grow my consulting business. This starter kit shaves countless hours of research off your timeline to launch. Let’s do this!

More About Me

Over 10 years of experience working in marketing, in grants, and as a government employee

Loves to travel and spend time with family

Dedicated to raising my children while creating a better life for them

Empowered by other women growing and succeeding in living the life of their dreams

Start Your Journey Today...

Get The Ultimate Consultants and Freelancers Starter Kit!

Now Only $49

  • Becoming an Independent Consultant
  • Over 30 Tools of the Trade
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Customizable Legal Templates
  • Customizable Proposal Template
  • BONUS! Additional Tips & Resources

Who is this starter kit for?...

  • Women  who are ready to launch a consulting business.
  • Experienced executives, managers, and professionals who are ready to escape the grind 
  • Government employees or healthcare professionals with inside knowledge businesses will pay top dollar for 
  • Overworked teachers who can provide instruction, training, or educational guidance
  • And any others who are ready to turn their experience into revenue.

I'm here to help you every step of the way.

Now is the time to live life on your own terms!

Gain access to The Ultimate Consultants and Freelancers Starter Kit and begin your journey in creating the life you want to live starting today.

Get Started With The Tools You Need To Build A Profitable Consulting Business