1. How to Begin Unboxing Yourself

Do you feel stuck in a job or stuck in some other area of your life?

Is there a feeling tugging at you that you should pivot?

Research shows that where we have the deepest regrets is also where we have the great opportunities It’s those opportunities, taken and planned, that I’ll encourage you to revisit. I’ll also encourage you to think about the box you may be in and how to begin the unboxing process.

Whether you were led into the box by societal expectations or a box you happily jumped into, many of us (me included) were and are in boxes. I’ll also explore the primary regrets people have as they age such as staying in a job too long, waiting to save or not saving enough, getting married for the wrong reason or even being married to the wrong person, missed opportunities, and not enough time with loved ones. Finally, I’ll share some steps to begin the unboxing process. Some of the suggestions are ones I’ve undertaken myself.



  • The reason I launched the podcast 
  • What to expect from each episode
  • About me, Patrice Davis, your host



  • How our deepest regrets may lead to our greatest opportunities.
  • To understand the box you may be in and why you are in the box.
  • Specific steps to take to begin the unboxing process.
  • About my personal unboxing process.


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