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In just two years, I created a multi-six-figure consulting business. Below you’ll find resources to help you do the same.


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The Ready Set Go Consult masterclass teaches you how to build a profitable consulting business using the same method I used to grow my multi-six-figure business.


Dr. Hardie Davis Jr, SBF


"I’ve spent the past 20 years of my life as a public servant. I know what it is to give of oneself  and to do it effortlessly but with compassion and thoughtfulness toward others. Patrice Davis has consistently done that with Ready Set Go Consult. She not only took the leap of faith to start her business, she reached back to pull others along who desired to do the same thing. I am extremely grateful that she has done so."

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How to Build A Multi-Six-Figure Consulting Business

Plan your escape from the rat race by learning how to quickly land six-figure corporate contracts and grow your business with confidence


Level Up with The Ultimate Consultants and Freelancers Starter Kit!

Avoid theĀ endless hours of researchĀ by gaining access to email scripts, tools to build your business website and operationalize your business and legal templates so you can accelerate the launch of your consulting business.


The Client Attraction Masterclass

Join the Client Attraction Masterclass and gain the knowledge you need to understand your ideal customer's needs, set your prices strategically, and position yourself for lucrative opportunities. Register now to transform your consulting business.


Elina Rodriguez, Bridging Worldviews Consulting

RSGC Accelerator Member

"I just started the 8-week accelerator program. I'm so glad I did! After completing Week 1 homework I've decided my goal is to launch my business website by the end of this program. I already have my business name, logo and have incorporated it with the state. I'm so excited! Thanks Patrice Davis for providing inspiration and know-how!"

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Ready Set Go Consult Membership

The membership bundles the knowledge and experience I gained as the founder and CEO of Grants Works Consulting and Grants Works Academy into:

  1. TheĀ 8-module Ready Set Go Consult Business Accelerator
  2. The Client Attraction Masterclass
  3. The Ultimate Consultants and Freelancers Starter Kit
  4. The RSGC Book Club
  5. Monthly Planning and Accountability Meetings
  6. Invitation to an annual For Independent Consultants Only In-Person Retreat.

The one-year membership program walks you through the process of how to accelerate your freelance and consulting business. It's time to live life on your terms.


Michael Warren, GrowthProfit

RSGC Member

"This 8-week course that I started last week definitely has me motivated to dig my heels in and launch my new consulting business. The homework allows me to really ask myself the right questions and the answers will create a strong foundation going forward.

So far I've flushed out the name of my business and purchased the domain, registered my business with the SOS, and started on preliminary website designs. This couldn't have been without first thoroughly understanding my values proportions, my 3 pillars of service, and a strong Mission/Vision statement. Excited and feel on track to launch at the end of 8 weeks!"

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