3. How To Redesign Your Life

I think millennials and Gen Z get it about placing an emphasis on the life part of the so-called work-life balance.

Many of them believe life is short.

Those of us in our late 40s, 50s, and older--our generations—see things differently because that’s not how we were raised. We went headfirst into the work part of the so-called work-life balance. We conformed to it, were sauteed in it, and didn’t question it.

But some of us do get it.

Some of us have the resources and/or the skills to make some changes and we have—and by us I mean those of us in our late 40s, 50s, 60s, and older Some of us are intentionally redesigning our lives. I’m one of the us I’m talking about here.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about folks who are intentional about redesigning their lives and I hope to inspire some of you to do the same.

We’ll start by revisiting the Mexican fisherman story, place a spotlight on Good Housekeeping’s article—The Transformation Diaries and I'll end the show by providing actionable steps you can take to redesign your life.



  • My retelling of The Mexican Fisherman story
  • The Transformation Diaries article in Good Housekeeping magazine
  • MBO Partners Digital Nomads stats
  • Deloitte 2023 Gen Z and Millenial Survey



  • 7 practical steps you can take to redesign your life.
  • The percentage of digital nomads that are millenials and the percentage that are from Gen X. 
  • Several examples of people who transformed / redesigned their lives
  • My recommended first step on the path to a life redesign.
  • 5 steps to begin a basic visualization exercise.


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