4. They Radically Reinvented Their Lives

Did you know that data shows that we get happier after 50?

Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone considering some are contending with tragedies and disappointments. However, many people are reinventing themselves to do what makes them happier and we’re featuring them in this episode.

We start with Ernestine Shepherd who became a champion bodybuilder just a few decades ago. We also feature a few popular people who radically changed their lives (and the world) after 50. We end the show by sharing a few recommendations on how you can jumpstart your “no limit” or unboxed life. Yours will look different from o as it’s yours to redesign.



  • Life Gets Better After 50: Why Age Tends to Work in Favor of Happiness (The Guardian)
  • Changing Channels: Stories of Women Reinventing Their Lives (Washington Post)
  • Ernestine Shepherd – Champion bodybuilder
  • Patricia Forehand - Educator turned comedian
  • Bettye LaVette – Decades-long trek to Grammy award
  • Iris Gomez – Lawyer turned novelist



  • About the Happiness Curve
  • Why some scientists believe people get happier after 50
  • Examples of famous and not-so-famous women who reinvented themselves
  • Everyday ways to jumpstart a “no limit” life 


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