7. How Tasha Grant Went From HR Biz Consultant to Co-Owner of A Successful Wellness Spa

Tasha Grant epitomizes the Age Has No Limit credo.

During this episode, she shares a few details about her 15-year career in the financial services industry where she worked in several departments and collaborated with two financial institutions’ top chief executives.

But that’s the beginning of what she recounts about her life. When the opportunity came, Tasha faced a challenge head on and that courage eventually led to her currently being the co-owner of the successful Atlanta-based wellness spa, Curves By Us.

She’ll share some tidbits about her personal life, describe how her long-held dream of taking care of others became a reality, dish on how her work dovetails with the plastic surgery industry, take us on some of the detours she took before becoming an entrepreneur, shares some of the wisdom she’s gained as a business owner, and reveals what’s on her bucket list.

What’s next for Tasha? Listen to this episode. She doesn’t hold back.





  • About Tasha Grant’s early career in the financial services industry
  • The two clues that made her reconsider her life
  • How her love of taking care of others led to a new outlook on life
  • How her new venture dovetails with the plastic surgery industry
  • Why she believes humility is a quality we should all be prepared to accept when we pivot
  • What she learned on the road to building her new wellness spa
  • What’s on her bucket list


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