8. Why You're Letting The Fear of Change Hold You Back

Let’s talk about pushing past the fear of change.

I’m talking about the changes that you know will lead to an improvement (or several) in your life but you’re afraid to act because of what you think you’ll lose, or because of perfectionism, or because you’ve convinced yourself that what others think is more important than your progress.

To make the changes in our lives that are necessary to live life on our own terms, start a business, pursue a passion, get the love and intimacy we deserve—and be willing to give it back, we have to be willing to change.

During this episode, we’ll have a conversation about what’s behind the fear, ways to overcome it, and do “it” anyway. I’ll also share how I push past feelings of fear and anxiety and why you can learn to change your thoughts and push past the fear.



  • Brendon Burchard, How to Overcome Fear
  • Masterclass, Fear of Change: 6 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Change



  • The three pains we fear and avoid
  • 5 recommendations on how to overcome fear
  • My personal approach to dealing with fear
  • How you can change from being stuck due to fear


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