9. How to Have An Empty Nest and A Full Life

For me, a full life isn’t just about filling my calendar, being the owner of a successful consulting business, traveling to different countries, and enjoying weekend getaways, it’s also the ability to express myself fully, to somehow return to how openly I expressed myself before I was a mother and before I was a wife. 

We know that being a parent is tough, whether you have one or five and once they move out, you can feel like the earth has shifted under you a bit.

In this episode, I’ll share tips about how to have an empty nest and a full or even fuller life. I’ll also share a bit about my children and some of the things I’ve been up to since they moved out. 

Finally, I’ll share some suggestions from others about how to live fully now that your role as a parent has changed. Let’s dive in.


  • Jane At Home, How to Thrive With An Empty Nest: 33 Things To Do After the Kids
  • Janice Waugh, Creator of
  • Redbook, How My Life Changed When I Became An Empty Nester
  • Quote by Hideo Kajima



  • About My Time As a Mother of Three Children
  • The Definition of Empty Nest Syndrome
  • How I Coped With My Children Moving Out
  • 13 of 33 Things You Can Do Once You Have An Empty Nest
  • Why Janice Waugh Started Solo Traveling and How It Led to
  • How the Hakims Are Experiencing a Full Life as Empty Nesters


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