10. Angela Mashelle's Pivot To Become A Top YouTube Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Content Creator

Angela Mashelle is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and child of Jesus Christ. She is also a nurse of 27 years and a YouTuber who creates beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content specifically for women over 40.

Angela teaches women how to express themselves through fashion, style, and everyday looks. Her passion is to inspire ladies of all ages, but specifically those of a certain age, to represent themselves with dignity and style, and to look and feel their best. She wants to uplift, encourage, and show them that style isn't something you have to let go of as you age.

During this episode, you’ll learn why she decided to launch a YouTube channel, about her move to and from a Middle Eastern country, what she finds the most fulfilling now that she has over 135,000 subscribers as of the date of the recording, one of the highlights of her content creation adventure, and the mindset shifts she experienced as she transitioned to being an entrepreneur.



Angela Mashelle, Host of the Angela Mashelle YouTube Channel



  • What inspired Angela Mashelle to pursue her career
  • Why she decided to launch a YouTube channel about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle
  • Which Middle Eastern country she lived in
  • Cultural differences between the Middle Eastern country and the U.S.
  • What she finds the most fulfilling now that she has over 135,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel
  • Any mindset or tactical shifts she’s experienced
  • The highlight in her life since she launched her YouTube channel
  • What an "Age Has No Limit" life looks like to her
  • What’s on her bucket list


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