11.Dr. Hardie Davis' Shift From Engineer To Legislator To Mayor To Entrepreneur

Imagine transitioning from being an engineer to being a preacher to serving in the Georgia state legislature as both a member of the house and a state senator, becoming mayor of Georgia’s second-largest city, and then starting your own consulting business. Well, that has been Dr. Hardie Davis Jr’s unique path.

Dr. Hardie Davis Jr., the 84th Mayor of Augusta, is a distinguished leader with a background in electrical engineering and a legacy of transformative governance. 

 During this episode, you’ll learn what he enjoyed the most about being a member of the Georgia legislature and Mayor of Augusta, what prompted him to launch a consulting business after his political career, what it has taken to transition from being a public figure to being an entrepreneur, the similarity between being the mayor of a city and being the CEO of a large corporation, his mindset shifts, and what is on his bucket list




Dr. Hardie Davis, Former Georgia Legislator, Two-Term Mayor of Augusta and Founder of SBF Consulting



  • About his early career path before becoming a public figure
  • His transition from being a preacher to being a politician
  • What it is like being the mayor of a city
  • How his various experiences as an engineer, preacher, and public figure have shaped his life
  • Why he considers cities to be “laboratories of democracy”
  • Why he believes running a city is similar to running a large corporation
  • What an "Age Has No Limit" life looks like to him
  • What’s on his bucket list


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