13. Akissi Stokes-Nelson's Shift From Business and Finance Analyst to Ag-Tech CEO

Akissi Stokes-Nelson is your go-to to talk about ag-tech, about grubs and the amazing things they can do, about food waste management, and for a big belly laugh.

She is a former financial and business analyst and project manager in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Her professional career spans several large corporations and organizations such as Xerox Corp, Northrup Grumman, and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

Akissi grew up on a working farm in Thomasville, GA and an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations inspired her business.

During this episode, you’ll learn about her visionary grandfather and parents, her life growing up in a small southern Georgia town, about her company WunderGrubs, about food equity, her TED talk, how she built Atlanta’s first IOT ‘ento-living’ lab, and how insects can create an equitable sustainable food source.

To learn more about WunderGrubs, visit

To watch her TED Talk, click here:


  • Akissi Stokes-Nelson, Co-Founder and CEO, WunderGrubs



  • About Akissi Stokes-Nelson’s Early Life and Early Career Choices
  • What Inspired Her Company WunderGrubs
  • How She Uses Grubs to Feed, Educate, Create Energy, and Build An Internet of Things Learning Pod
  • Why She Decided To Not Pursue Venture Capital Funding
  • How She Plans To Take WunderGrubs Global
  • What’s On Her Bucket List


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