14. Dr. Erika Copeland's Return to Entrepreneurship After Being A Government Contract Executive

Dr. Erika Copeland gets it done. She is a mother of five with a career that spans public health, clinical research, and several years as an entrepreneur. She completed her doctorate while she was a busy mom, wife, and full-time employee. 

She rose up the ranks in her first clinical research position from research assistant to research director and started her own clinical research business in her early thirties. During this episode of the Age Has No Limit podcast, you’ll learn how society’s expectations impacted some of her decisions and how she felt like she was losing herself in her last executive role.

You’ll also learn how her father who was a paraplegic and her mother who worked in healthcare inspired her career choices, how African Americans’ long-held mistrust of the medical system inspired her decision to start a clinical research business in her 30s, and a little about Erika, the woman.

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Erika Copeland, PhD



  • About Erika Copeland’s Early Life and Early Career Choices
  • How African Americans’ Distrust of the Medical Establishment Inspired Her Decision to Launch A Clinical Research Company
  • Why She Felt She Was Losing Herself in Her Last Executive Role
  • Her Entry Into Real Estate Investment Entrepreneurship
  • What Influenced Her Return to Clinical Research Entrepreneurship
  • What’s On Her Bucket List


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