16. Moving Abroad To Live Your Best Life – Includes Detailed Move Abroad Checklist And Decluttering Tips

Sometimes we have to move abroad to live our best lives.

At the top of the lists of why people leave the United States are the cost of living, lack of affordable healthcare, absence of universal healthcare, concerns about gun and racial violence, the awful political divisions between the so-called red and blue states, food quality, and racism. Others are leaving for a better overall quality of life, a better work-life balance, and the stronger dollar against a local currency. Whatever the reasons, there are now many examples of people who have done it successfully and they have created resources, and communities to help you make the move.

In this episode, we’ll talk about the reasons people move, feature the top countries people are moving to, shine a light on those who’ve been successful at it, share a detailed move abroad checklist, and a few of my own decluttering tips.


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Live Thrive, Atlanta, GA



  • The reasons more Americans are moving abroad
  • The top countries Americans have been moving to
  • What to consider before moving abroad
  • A move abroad checklist
  • Decluttering tips


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