17. Quin Brewington’s Shift from Corporate Cog to Successful Sidepreneur And How She Helps Other Women In Midlife Find Fulfillment

Quin Brewington started Sister Lady Girl out of necessity.


She’s an award-winning writer and communications strategist who’s been in corporate communications and has worked for Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years. She even returned to school to get her graduate degree


But, like many of us, she was still overlooked in her career. So, she decided to take action.


She decided to use her knowledge and experience as a communications strategist, social media manager, and content producer to create something outside of her business. She created Sister Lady Girl and it morphed into a space for women who are at a professional and personal crossroads. Now it includes an annual conference, an academy, and a group mentoring program for women.


During this episode, you’ll learn ways she’s personally grown now that she is an entrepreneur who is also maintaining her full-time job and why she thinks she needed to unlearn some of the harmful behaviors and thoughts many women still harbor.



Quin Brewington, Founder of Sister Lady Girl, Second Act Summit, and Metamorphosis



  • About Quin’s early life and career
  • Why she believes she was overlooked in her corporate career
  • Why she created Sister Lady Girl
  • About the Second Act Summit and Metamorphosis program
  • Why she believes some women aren’t ready for full-time entrepreneurship
  • Her thoughts about having a bucket list


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