18. Patrina Wisdom Went From Victim To Victor To Hosting Abundance Retreats And Creating The Anatomy of Abundance

Patrina Wisdom is an abundance strategist who believes that money is Goddess In Action and she invites us to create from a place of abundance.

She is the host and founder of Pure Abundance Retreat which she has hosted in scenic destinations such as Belize, Egypt, Mexico, and now Seychelles.

Patrina is also a TEDx speaker. She wowed audiences in 2014 when she used poetry to deliver her Victim to Victor talk about how she was determined to be a victor after a devastating tragedy.

She is a longtime entrepreneur, the host of the Living Room Wisdom podcast, and the author of two books. Her newest book that she co-wrote with other women is Anatomy of Abundance: A Holistic Guide to Creating Prosperity in All Aspects of Life.

During this episode of the Age Has No Limit podcast, you’ll learn about her early life, how she coped with the tragedy, why she started hosting retreats, and about her new, groundbreaking book, Anatomy of Abundance: A Holistic Guide to Creating Prosperity in All Aspects of Life.

All proceeds from the book will benefit Shyne Organization, a nonprofit that supports sex trafficking survivors.

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Patrina Wisdom, Founder of Pure Abundance Retreats, TEDx Speaker, and author of Anatomy of Abundance: A Holistic Guide to Creating Prosperity in All Aspects of Life and Motherhood’s Not for Punks



  • About Patrina’s early life and career
  • Why she opted to deliver her TEDx Talk about her husband’s suicide in poetry
  • Why she decided to start hosting wellness retreats for women 
  • About the Pure Abundance Retreats and several examples of how they have positively impacted participants’ lives
  • Her belief that we should boldly embrace and not choose between our creative and practical selves 
  • Why she decided to co-write Anatomy of Abundance:A Holistic Guide to Creating Prosperity in All Aspects of Life


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