19. Nicole Barham Is Changing Small Business Finance With The 5 - Minute Bookkeeper

Nicole Barham created a groundbreaking app for entrepreneurs that will simplify their lives and save them time and she’s got the goods to prove it.

She’s had a chance to tell the world about it on Good Morning America, The Breakfast Club, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise, and more.

If you’re a solo entrepreneur who is stressed out about how to track the money you earn from your business, overwhelmed with the thought of preparing for tax season or for that important proposal, and you’re clueless about how to understand your numbers, much less to run an accurate financial report, it’s time for you to learn about 5-Minute Bookkeeper, the woman who created the app, and the story behind its creation.

There’s a saying that came up several times in this episode — necessity is the mother of all invention.

You’ll learn what was the necessity that sparked her decision to become an entrepreneur and what was the necessity that motivated her to create the groundbreaking app.

During this episode, you will learn about Nicole Barham, her childhood in Jamaica, her early career, what inspired her to create 5-Minute Bookkeeper, how she’s earned multi-six figures in just three years in business, her entrepreneurial journey, and the mindset shifts she’s had to make to transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Check out this episode of the Age Has No Limit podcast so you can learn about Nicole Barham, creator of the 5-Minute Bookkeeper, financial strategist, mom, wife, and entrepreneur.

Learn more about 5-Minute Bookkeeper:



Nicole Barham, Founder of 5-Minute Bookkeeper



  • About her childhood in Jamaica and early career in accounting
  • Why she decided to become an entrepreneur
  • What spurred her decision to launch 5-Minute Bookkeeper
  • Why she decided to integrate business strategy and implementation into her client services
  • Her experience as a participant in an entrepreneur mastermind and what were her best takeaways from that experience
  • Why she believes an entrepreneur’s mindset contributes approximately 80% of their success 


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