20. José and Marie Villa Went From Military and Journalism Careers To One Of The Top Business Consultants in Hawaii

José and Marie Villa are truly a force—individually and together.       


They are both former journalists with successful grant writing careers having won millions for Hawaii’s local nonprofits. She’s a former journalism professor, he was a sergeant in the Air Force, and now together, they are the people behind Villa Business Consulting.


Marie was born in Mexico, moved to the US as a child, never finished high school, and worked as a maid at a hotel. She eventually decided to go to college at 38 years old.


José was born in the mainland US to a Puerto Rican family and grew up in Spanish Harlem.


They both ended up in Hawaii where they eventually met, got married, and just a few years ago launched their consulting firm. They’ve won $15 million in grants for local nonprofits in just the last two years, written over 150 business plans, and helped local companies achieve minority business certification.


Check out this episode of the Age Has No Limit podcast to learn about this amazing couple.


You’ll learn about their travel adventures in Japan, their stay in the ice hotel in Quebec, Canada, and most recently in Alaska where they went dog sledding twice. You’ll also learn about the amazing impact they’ve made individually and together as business consultants.


They truly embody a no-limit life. Listen to this episode of the podcast—you’ll smile, laugh, and be inspired by their lives.



  • Marie Villa, CEO, Villa Business Consulting
  • José (Papi) Villa, COO, Villa Business Consulting



  • How Marie went from being a hotel maid to a journalism professor at two colleges
  • How José’s went from Air Force Officer to journalist, nonprofit leader, to entrepreneur
  • What spurred their decision to launch Villa Business Consulting
  • How their business serves both nonprofits and for-profit organizations
  • How they’ve won millions in grant funding for local businesses and how the funds  strengthen the organizations
  • About their travel adventures in Japan, Alaska and Quebec, Canada
  • Their beliefs about living life with zest and without limits


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