21. Sheila Agnew McCoy--Author, Speaker, Model, and Certified Personal Trainer at 72

Sheila Agnew McCoy is an author, speaker, brand ambassador, commercial print model, actress, and personal trainer who specializes in senior and women’s fitness and corrective exercise.  You can find her sharing her wisdom on Instagram at sheilas_ah_mazingaging. She also dishes out fitness inspiration, food recipes, health information, and daily workout tips in her active Facebook group called Lifestyle Fitness for Active Adults.


She was inspired to become a personal trainer when she was 65 years old after recognizing a gap in training for older adults and the need for specialized training.


She has been a fitness advocate for over nineteen years and has personal training certifications from the National Association of Sports Medicine and she is Silver Sneakers certified.


She penned two inspirational books, All About the Vets: A Sharing of Life Experience for Women Over 40 and Dear____, Are You Missing Your Calling?


As if that’s not enough, she’s also a brand ambassador and you can find her promoting brands on Instagram at @sheilasfiftyplus where she has over 100,000 followers.


Sheila is a former corporate human resources executive and the former owner of a successful retail party store and event planning business.


Check out this episode of the Age Has No Limit podcast to learn how she became a personal trainer, about her pivots that resulted in a successful business and other great opportunities, and about her advocacy about aging with grace.



Sheila Agnew McCoy 



  • What inspired Sheila to become a certified trainer for active adults
  • Some of the common fears and challenges her that clients experience
  • Her years-long advocacy to teach others to age with grace
  • The pivot that led to her successful party supplies and event planning business
  • Her role as a brand ambassador
  • How she defines an Age Has No Limit life


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