23. Cherie Caldwell: From Math Wiz to Corporate HR VP to Transformation Coach

Cherie Caldwell is the former head of DE&I for a tech firm and the former region vice president of human resources for a major media company. In that role, she led HR for a $5 billion revenue business that spanned 7 states, 100+ locations, and a 5,600-person workforce.

She was laid off in 2023 and instead of returning to become another corporate VP, she decided to walk away from her corporate role, finally let go of her corporate identity, and return to being an entrepreneur. This time she redefined herself as an entrepreneur and launched a business that is better aligned with who she is now.

Cherie is a diversity thought leader and after being introduced to the Adult Chair Model of coaching, she is now a certified Adult Chair coach.

Keep listening to the Age Has No Limit podcast to hear how this math wiz took an unlikely path to HR. She’ll break down how she perceives HR challenges as a complex math equation, and you’ll hear for yourself why her clients believe she helps them find the root cause of their pain and, importantly, help them find a way through it.

Keep listening till the end to hear how she turns the tables and interviews me.

You’ll enjoy learning about Cherie and you’ll enjoy this episode. She is yet another example that proves that age has no limit.


  1. Cherie Caldwell


  1. About her unusual route from math wiz to human resources VP
  2. How the passing of several loved ones impacted her Her thoughts about the history and current status of DE&I initiatives
  3. About The Adult Chair coaching method and how it impacted her life
  4. What she’s reading now
  5. What’s on her bucket list
  6. What age has no limit means to her


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