24. Dr. Tanitra Scorza’s Life As A World-Class Symphony Clarinetist and Founder of Top Tier eLearning Agency

Dr. Tanitra Scorza accomplishes incredibly difficult things. She auditioned for and was accepted into one of the most competitive graduate school programs when she was 7 months pregnant and she was the first Black woman to get a doctorate degree in her major.


After she completed her PhD program, she started a music school that included an orchestral program, classes, 1:1 music training, and world-class music education at two sites in Inglewood, California, a community that needed and deserved world-class music education. Her school served hundreds of children and she considers that to be one of her greatest accomplishments.


She’s also now a Hello 7 certified business coach and the owner of a learning experience design agency serving clients such as big tech companies.


Check out this episode of the Age Has No Limit podcast to learn why Dr. Scorza thinks she downplays her accomplishments, how changes in her body tend to trigger an intellectual call to make outward changes in her life, how growing up around entrepreneurs drives her to help business owners as their business coach, and how two countries, Costa Rica and India, factor into her bucket list.





  • Why she believes she downplays her top achievements
  • How changes in her body trigger decisions to make changes in her life
  • Why she started a world-class music education program in Inglewood, CA
  • What she believes is her greatest accomplishment What is a learning experience designer
  • Which two countries are on her bucket list and the interesting reasons why


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