25. Diane Sands: An Endurance Athlete Living With And Helping Others Cope With Chronic Pain

Diane Sands describes herself as the Sporty Goddess. She is an athlete extraordinaire who lives on the beautiful island of Kauai where she’s lived for 19 years. She is a long-distance ocean swimmer and she and her companions battle the rough Pacific Ocean waters and open swim for up to 3 miles in the Pacific Ocean where they enjoy the company of turtles, fish, monk seals, and sometimes hear whales. Her other sports activities include outrigger canoe paddle, stand up paddle, golfing, hiking, and cycling.

Diane is also living with chronic pain after years of pushing her body to its limits. She shares that it was after many repetitive stress injuries, concussions, falls, and a few near-fatal accidents that forced her to redefine the terms athlete, warrior, and competitive. She is a natural health specialist who provides performance coaching for injured athletes and performance legends and she is also a body worker who created and trademarked her technique, The Kilape Method.

Listen to this episode of The Age Has No Limit podcast to learn about this amazing athlete and warrior. Her story and what she’s been able to accomplish through sheer will and perseverance are amazing.


Diane Sands, The Sporty Goddess



  • Her athletic journey and how she pushed her body to its limit
  • The perfect job she had for many years
  • When she realized she had to change how she competes
  • How she heals others coping with chronic pain or mental blocks caused by devastating injuries
  • What upcoming endurance sporting event she is training for
  • What is The Kilape Method
  • What is on her bucket list


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