26. Stacey Peters’ Travel Adventures In Over 70 Countries (And Counting)

Stacey Peters describes herself as an insatiable traveler. She’s lived with her family on three continents and has been to 70 countries and counting.


She is the editor-in-chief of the Duffelbagspouse Travels blog, a freelance photographer, travel writer, and soon, she will also be the owner of a company that creates travel accessories and, of course, duffel bags.


She has a passion for history, wine and new experiences and she recently lived for the 3rd time in South Korea. Whether she’s living or simply visiting a destination, Stacey makes an effort to really immerse herself in the country. For example, you can find blogs about Korean theater, Korean orchestral music, festivals and beautiful gardens on her blog.


If you love travel, Stacey will reignite your love of travel.


Listen to this episode of The Age Has No Limit podcast to learn about her favorite country for wines, hear funny stories about her children’s trips to 50 countries, how she navigates the nooks and crannies of each destination, and her strong opinions about what is a good wife.




Stacey Peter, Owner and Writer, Duffelbagspouse Travels



  • Her early years in the US military
  • Why she was considered a horrible soldier
  • Why she chooses to focus her blog on wine, parks, and hiking adventures
  • Some of her favorite destinations
  • The three countries where she would like to retire
  • What she thinks is a good wife
  • What she defines as an Age Has No Limit life


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