27. Write And Publish Your Book With Author Coach Sharon Woodhouse

Sharon Woodhouse is an author coach and publishing consultant who’s worked with hundreds of first-time and experienced authors, publishers, and small business owners.


Sharon was an independent publisher who got her start when she founded her first publishing company, the Chicago-based Lake Claremont Press (LCP). LCP published over 500,000 books of 80 different titles in its 25 years and won 30 small press awards. 


She is the owner of Conspire Creative, a book business agency that helps authors build and expand their author businesses. Her firm’s services include book marketing, project management, and entrepreneurial publishing. She helps aspiring or experienced authors hire ghostwriters, find designers, illustrators, editors, and indexers, or even create their websites.


She created the Profitable Author Life Facebook Group and uses that platform and others such as Medium and Substack to help authors make a living from their books.


Listen to this episode of the Age Has No Limit podcast to learn what she enjoys the most about the book business and her book business agency, about two of the client experiences she found the most rewarding, how being an entrepreneur has enriched her life, and what an Age Has No Limit life means to her.



Sharon Woodhouse, Author Coach and Owner of Book Business Agency



  • How she became a publisher
  • Why she loves helping authors develop successful book business
  • Two of her top client experiences
  • Why she became certified in interpersonal neurobiology
  • Her thoughts about the current coaching industry as a dual-certified coach
  • The countries she plans to visit next
  • How entrepreneurship enriches her life


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