28. Tracye Warfield: Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Yogini, Author and Retreat Designer

Tracye Warfield is not your typical 55-year-old, African American woman. Aside from the fact that she rocks a bald head and currently, a shiny new set of braces, she has traveled the world, since the age of 16, mostly by herself, to 5 continents, numerous countries, and counting. She lives with no limit.

She’s climbed the ranks of corporate America in finance and was a unicorn amongst the sea of old white men in boardrooms.

She became a marathoner and triathlete after being barely able to walk to her mailbox.
She also left a prestigious and lucrative life to train and teach yoga.

Tracye became an entrepreneur on a wing and a prayer, as she describes it, and it has expanded into a respected wellness business called bytracye.

Listen to this episode to learn about Tracye Warfield, a woman who has been to rock bottom, who was homeless, and broke (not broken!) and who climbed her way back to being a motivational speaker, author, podcast and webcast host, consultant, and retreat designer.



Tracye Warfield, Founder, bytracye 
Book: Breathe Big Live Big: A Starter Guide for Your Awesome Life 



  • What to expect from the Inspirada Retreat in Merida, Mexico
  • Where she hosted previous retreats
  • Why she left her corporate career in banking to become a yoga teacher and practitioner
  • About her experience in training and development and organizational development
  • What birthed her company, bytracye
  • About her family which consists of 11 siblings
  • What is a “wall slide”


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