29. Karen Cleveland: From Payday Loans to Curated Safaris

Karen Cleveland’s transformation started post-divorce when she was broke - stuck in a payday loan cycle - and her adult son was diagnosed with cancer and had to live with her. After feeling like she failed herself and her son, she realized she had to shift her mindset and routines to change her situation. This experience is what she relies on to share tips and inspiration with others.

Karen is a spiritual connection specialist, a New-Thought Minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living, a mindset mentor, and an animal communicator.

She also offers carefully curated, transformational adventures on sacred safaris through Kenya.

Once her clients return home, she continues to work with them on the inner journey to accomplish once-buried dreams through mind, body, and soul connection exercises.

She is also the host of the Connectedness podcast where she teaches these same principles to engage mind, body, and soul to help all listeners begin their journey back to their heart’s dreams and notice the coincidences and synchronicities in life that bring them everyday miracles and magic.

Check out this episode of the Age Has No Limit podcast to learn about this mom of two and new grandmother turned her life around and when she realized she was able to communicate with animals.



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  • Her early years in Washington state
  • When she realized she had to stop getting payday loans
  • What is a spiritual connection specialist
  • How she responds when people question her role as a woman minister or her ability to communicate with animals
  • How she helps people as a spiritual connection specialist
  • What to expect during a sacred safari in Kenya
  • What she defines as an Age Has No Limit life


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