30. Barbara Valenzuela: From Odd Jobs To Protecting Adults With Special Needs

Barbara Valenzuela has a big heart, big dreams, and she is making a big impact. Her firm—T&K Innovators—provides behavior consulting services to caregivers at group homes and day programs as well as parents, family members, and individual caregivers for adults with special needs.


She started the company in a converted garage in South Central, Los Angeles.


As a child, she watched her mom work with children with special needs in several schools in Southern California and she developed a love for them. She started her journey in the field over 17 years ago working with adults with special needs in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Barbara is a mother of two boys and her love of music range from Eazy-E to Chopin to The Beatles.


Stay tuned to this episode of the Age Has No Limit podcast as Barbara and I delve into issues such as the use of law enforcement to respond to mental or behavioral health crises, some of the odd and random jobs she had before she found her calling as a behavioral health consultant, how the cherished lessons she learned from her mom helped to make her the person she is today, and what an age has no limit life means to her.




Barbara Valenzuela, Founder and CEO, T&K Innovators -



  • How she and others like her can help law enforcement understand adults with special needs
  • Why she believes more can be done to help adults with special needs
  • How being a mom contributed to her starting a business
  • About her first hustle and some of the odd jobs she had in her early career
  • How she practices protecting her thoughts
  • About her mother’s pearls of wisdom
  • What she defines as an Age Has No Limit life


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