31. Sonya Judd: From A Small Town to Wall Street and Silicon Valley to Finally Healed

Sonya Judd believes we should live life as if it’s rigged in your favor. That’s a message many of us may need to hear right now. She believes that the good and bad things that happen in our lives are rigged in our favor and were intended to happen to either facilitate growth or experience the benefits of our progress.

Sonya is an investor in Nassau Investments, a multi-million-dollar equity investment firm, the owner of the executive coaching firm—SJS Executive Coaching, and she is a runner, model, speaker, and the mother of Irish triplets.

She is one of 10 children born and raised in North Carolina and she believes this taught her to be uniquely who she is in the midst of very different people, circumstances, and places.

Listen this episode of the Age Has No Limit podcast. You will learn about the experience that rocked her world and caused her to undergo the healing she needed to become who she is today. You will also learn about the innovative real estate investments she facilitates through Nassau Investments, why she looks beyond the achievements checkbox as an executive coach, and how she believes one-dimensional parenting is restrictive to both the parent and the child.



  • Her early years in a small town in North Carolina
  • How she landed her first job on Wall Street
  • About her perfect life as a working mother in top Silicon Valley roles
  • What rocked her world and forced her to see life differently
  • How she raised emotionally intelligent Irish triplets
  • About lucrative equity investment opportunities in hotels and apartment buildings
  • Her unique approach to executive coaching

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