32. Jennifer Jackson: Finally Shedding the Weight of Other People’s Opinions

Jennifer Joy Jackson describes herself as a “Jackie of all trades and a master of most.” Her career and life experiences includes being a professor, the author of five books and a new children’s book, a serial entrepreneur, mom of two, life coach, licensed professional counselor, and licensed marriage and family therapist. 

One of Jennifer’s greatest joys is being present when her clients learn to love and heal themselves and, during our conversation, she shares two standout examples of when she witnessed clients reaching their a-ha moments on the way to learning to love themselves and heal.

Jennifer is also a Brainspotting practitioner. What is Brainspotting?

Listen to the podcast as Jennifer helps us understand what it is and how it helps professionals like her home in on what her clients are really experiencing internally.

During the episode, we’ll also learn the biggest light bulb moments of her own life, about the experience in Sorrento, Italy that helped cement her belief that we are all connected, about the unique and awesome goal she has for her 50th birthday (hint: it involves an elephant), and more about Jennifer the woman.

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 Jennifer Joy Jackson:



  • I’m Supposed to Be King But My Mom Said No:
  • Let’s Table This Discussion:



  • Why she decided to finally lose the burden of others’ opinions
  • About her work as a therapist and mental health counselor
  • About brainspotting
  • About her experience as a photographer in Sorrento, Italy
  • Her moment of clarity before a Beyonce concert
  • Her unique plan that involves an elephant
  • About her Metamorphosis program and community


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