Tanisha Rayson-Henry’s Pivot from Educator to Medical Weight Loss Expert

Ever been curious about medical weight loss and body contouring? You’re in for a treat.

Introducing Tanisha Rayson-Henry. Tanisha isn’t afraid of a pivot. She made a pivot in her career that many of us probably haven’t heard of. She went from being a middle school science teacher to a family nurse practitioner—that’s an amazing shift to an advanced level nursing professional.

She’s also accomplished quite a bit in the just the past 2-3 years. She opened the doors to the Better Days Wellness Clinic where she specializes in medical weight loss, nutrition coaching and aesthetics and pretty soon she’ll announce a program to help other nurse practitioners make a similar shift.

During this episode, we’ll talk about Ozempic(R)—what it is and is not, about body contouring, why she being an entrepreneur feeds her spirit and purpose, and what an age has no limit life look like to her.



 Tanisha Rayson-Henry, FNP, Founder and Owner of Better Days Wellness Center



  • What Ozempic(R) is and is not and how it differs from the care provided at her wellness center
  • About the different body contouring modalities
  • About the top service requested at Better Days Wellness Center
  • What inspired her to finally leave her career as a teacher with Chicago Public Schools
  • The difference between a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant, and a medical doctor
  • How she plans to help other nurse practitioners make a similar pivot
  • About her definition of a no limit life

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