Gail Keyes Allen: From Corporate Accountant to Ageless Life, Business, and Money Coach

Gail is known as the "Fairy Godmother of Life Coaching." She is a highly sought-after business and money coach with over 20 years of experience in accounting. Gail is also certified by The Life Coach School, and she is dedicated to empowering women to enhance their lives, businesses, and careers.

One of the stand-out details about Gail’s work is that she has a passion for supporting midlife women as they transition from corporate life to full-time entrepreneurship.

Another standout is that Gail embraces nontraditional relationships. We’ll dig into that and much more during this episode of the Age Has No Limit podcast.

We also learn about a trend in the types of challenges women are contending with, about the Quantum Faith Framework, her thoughts about non-traditional relationships, and the next big thing she will accomplish.

You also won’t believe Gail’s age! She reveals it later in the show




  1. Why she is the Fairy Godmother of Life Coaching
  2. Why she believes business owners should integrate self-care into their business plans
  3. Why Gail is truly a renaissance woman
  4. How she helped a client land the perfect job in Hawaii
  5. Two of the reasons she defies aging stereotypes
  6. Her definition of an Age Has No Limit life


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