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Promoting, Positioning and Partnering to Grow Your Consulting Business

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Congratulations! You launched your consulting or coaching business but now what?

If you’re like some of the early-stage entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, you’re probably hearing that you should go after high-dollar clients, but maybe you can’t because you haven’t mastered the basics of building your new business.

If you’re an early stage or aspiring freelance consultant or service professional, you’re probably….

…. confused about how to refine your services so they’re aligned with your customer’s needs

…. unsure how to set prices to reflect your time, expertise, and value to the client

…. unclear about how to create systems to help your business thrive, and

…. in the dark about how to become a thought leader in your field

You’re likely building the plane while flying it and this figure-it-out-as-I-go approach can slow you down, make you question yourself, lower your confidence, and cause you to undercharge for your services.

Promoting Your Business

To build a sustainable business, you have a build a strong foundation. You must be both a tactician and a strategist. You need to be able to:

  • Know exactly who you’re serving and how to deliver
  • Create services that align with your client’s needs so you can generate increasing profits and build a strong reputation
  • Operationalize – You need to know what tools work best for you to streamline client delivery

Knowing who you’re serving, creating services for that target audience, and then having systems in place lay the groundwork for you to be able to effectively promote your business. This creates the foundation for how you describe your business and services. The language you use to describe your business should truly reflect what services you offer but it may also match some of the same language used by the target market to describe their challenges.

Positioning Your Business

In the Ready Set Go Consult Accelerator, we teach members the basics of how to effectively position yourself and your business. We start first differentiating between branding and positioning and provide examples of effective positioning.

To take your freelance consulting or other service business to the next level, you must be willing to stand out, you must know your value and your why, and you must be bold.

Partnering to Grow Your Business

I always tell the story of how my business benefited from an early partnership with four other grant professionals to create The Nonprofit Chatroom. This experience left an indelible mark on me as an entrepreneur.

Since I’ve been in business, I’ve formed partnerships with mid-sized engineering firms to pursue government contracts, with grant writing firms on large projects, with eLearning specialists, with accessibility specialists, and more.

Unlike others who perceive partnerships as a win-lose game, I see it purely as a win-win if you choose your partnerships wisely.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward adding structure and systems to your consulting business, get started with The Ultimate Consultant’s Starter Kit. The kit has several email templates, legal templates, over 30 business tools you can use to build your consulting business, and more.

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