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How to Build A Multi-Six-Figure Consulting Business

Learn my story and how you can start creating your own work from anywhere consulting business.

Evaluating and Eliminating Consulting Services clients consulting consulting firm consulting services freelance freelancer independent consultant

I now realize that when I first started Grants Works my company’s services were an extension of the work I performed when I was an employee. 

It wasn’t until about one year in business that I realized I did what many business strategists tell us to avoid--creating another job for...

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Pro Tips on How to Add Operational Structure and Systems to Your Consulting Business 1099 contractor vs consultant automation business systems consulting business consulting firm operational structure small business

Some consultants jumpstarted their businesses after they decided to offer up their expertise for a price, land one or two clients, and then figure it out as they go with the first set of deliverables.

Others were fortunate enough to land a former employer as their first and perhaps only client...

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