What is Your Vision For Your Consulting or Freelance Business

I recently had a conversation with someone who sought out my business coaching services. The person was interested in getting more clients. 

I mentioned that in addition to coaching the new business owner on how to get more clients, I also coach on some of the fundamentals of having a business.

I asked the person about the vision for the business and the reply was centered on who the company would serve, the person’s expertise in providing the services, and how the service would be valuable to its clients.

This is a great starting point. However, I believe that having a vision for the impact you want the company to have goes beyond who, what, and how it would be valuable to your clients.

Why You Should Have A Vision For Your Business

What I’m suggesting also goes beyond the vision statement—though a vision statement is also very helpful. Consider some of these popular companies’ vision statements:

  • IKEA: To create a better everyday life for the many people.
  • Microsoft: To help people throughout the world realize their full potential.
  • TED: Spread ideas.
  • Whole Foods: To nourish people and the planet.

Based on those examples, it’s easier to see how a larger vision or vision statement helps the CEO and any staff understand what the organization aspires to be or to accomplish. 

I can hear some of you —but I’m the only one working in or on this business—why do I need a vision or vision statement?

A vision and vision statement gives you clarity on why you are in business—a “why” that goes beyond a way to make more money.

Here’s the Data

Forbes Magazine conducted a study that shows that employees who find their organization’s vision meaningful show engagement levels of 68%, a considerable 52% higher than employees who don’t.

Another study shows that aligned companies significantly outperform others. LSA Global researched 410 companies across 8 industries and learned that highly aligned companies grow revenue 58% faster and are 72% more profitable while significantly outperforming their unaligned peers.

My Company’s Vision

I’ve laid out why having a vision (and vision statement) for your company is a good idea. A bonus of writing out your company’s vision is it also refines your vision of success. 

So, you may be wondering, what is the vision for my business Grants Works?

My vision for my grant consulting business is….

To become a top grant consulting firm known for client-centered consulting services, an ability to surpass the expectations of a diverse client base, and a deep knowledge and continuous pursuit of knowledge of all things grant-related.

We have this vision in our employee handbook and reviewing it is now part of our staff onboarding process.

While the team may consist of only you, it’s still a good idea to identify your vision. It will clarify your “why” and help you (and your future staff) stay motivated.

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