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10 Tips to Generate Leads For Your Consulting or Freelance Business

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I remember a conversation I had with my former business coach when I shared the method I was using to generate leads for my business. Her suggestion on how to add rocket fuel to my lead generation strategy was simple and effective.

Today that simple suggestion is generating more leads than we can handle and I am considering hiring someone to maximize that process and convert as many leads as possible to customers and clients.

What is a lead?

According to HubSpot, a lead is a business prospect and lead generation is the process of attracting prospects to your business and increasing their interest through nurturing.

It’s not the same as a visitor to your website or a listener to your podcast.

A lead is a person who responds to a call to action from your website, social media, or an ad.  

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is a process to generate interest in your consulting business so that interest eventually converts to a sale. There are several ways you can attract a prospect. However, turning that prospect into a lead means you have to offer them something so they can take action.   

Once they take action, you can begin to develop a relationship with them through email marketing.

Some of the ways you can generate a lead include content marketing, webinars, social media posts and engagement, event marketing, product trials, and partner marketing.

At Grants Works, we use four methods to attract prospects and they work in tandem to deliver leads for the business. 

Lead generation tips

During a recent YouTube Live, I shared several lead generation tips. These aren’t tips I haven’t given a try myself. I continue to use each one for my business. You can either watch the video or keep reading. If you watch the video, don't forget to subscribe for more tips on how to launch, grow and scale your consulting business.

Here are the 10 lead generation tips I shared during the YouTube Live:

  1. Find out where your target market hangs out and what they want
  2. Find out what lead generation marketing strategies work best for you
  3. Don’t rely on only one lead generation source
  4. Update your lead magnets as needed
  5. Have more than one lead magnet
  6. Develop a low-dollar lead magnet to generate revenue
  7. Keep your messaging consistent
  8. Be consistent in your use of social media. Develop a social media calendar.
  9. Leverage partnerships
  10. Leverage events

Taking action

Many online resources will guide you through creating your lead generation process. You can take the time to learn or you can get step-by-step support to create it quickly by joining the Ready Set Go Consult Membership. We cover lead generation and much more such as client engagement, proposals, operations, and services.

To learn more about the membership, visit this page.


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