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My First WFA Adventure on a Tropical Island business consultant work from anywhere

I often write that I decided to launch my consulting business because I want to live life on my own terms. That is true, but a huge part of living life on my own terms is also being able to live out my lifelong dream of traveling around the world.

I had my first chance to use some of my earnings...

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A Rocky Road to Land the First Clients 1099 contractor vs consultant becoming a consultants business consultant business consulting how to become a consultant

My road to landing my first clients was a rocky one.

In May 2020 I was 3-4 months into my new adventure as a solo consultant but the world as we knew it was rapidly changing and the target market I had in mind when I launched in January 2020 was itself reeling from catastrophic changes.

So, I...

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I Seriously Undercharged for a Service become a consultant business consultant business consulting consultant consulting fees independent consultant

I wouldn’t be surprised if I learned that most new consultants undercharge for their services at some point.

Whether it’s because they don’t know (yet) the value of their services or they don’t have the courage (yet) to ask for what they deserve, many of us do it.


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